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BP Volkswagen Cup 2023
August 11-13

Our goal is to offer a cup experience for both Swedish and international teams with very high quality throughout the tournament. We look forward to having really good teams in place this summer.

Information about the cup

The cup is aimed at teams that play difficult and extra-difficult level in the ages

G2011 & G2012
B2012 & B2013

The goal is to have 16 really good teams in each age group.

- Six matches per team, all matches are played 2 x 20 min.
- All matches are played on artificial grass.
- The game format is 7 vs 7
- The judges maintain a very high standard.
- Several of the matches are played at Grimsta A, BP´s main pitch with a large stand, which creates a greatatmosphere around the matches.
- All teams are guaranteed games on all three days and six games in total
- The goal is to maintain a very high level of the tournament, the teams, the referees and the activities around the matches.

Contact us at oscar.theren@bpfotboll.se

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