Welcome to BP Volkswagen Cup 2024

BP Volkswagen Cup 2024
August 9-11

Our goal is to offer a high quality tournament with strong teams from the Nordic countries.

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Information about the cup

The teams that are invited plays difficult and extra-difficult level in the ages class.

G2012 & G2013
B2013 & B2014
Open class in boys 2013, girls 2012 and 2013.

- Six matches per team, all matches are played 2 x 20 min.
- All matches are played on artificial grass.
- The game format is 7 vs 7
- The referees maintain a very high standard.
- Several of the matches are played at Grimsta A, BP´s main pitch with a large stand, which creates a great atmosphere around the matches.
- All teams are guaranteed games on all three days and six games in total
- The goal is to maintain a very high level of the tournament, the teams, the referees and the activities around the matches.

Open class
In girls and boys open class 12 and 13 no results are published and there is no playoff. Instead there will be a second group stage. Total of 6 matches are guaranteed.

Contact us at oscar.theren@bpfotboll.se

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