Team registration:
At the latest 2019-05-31. Team registration fee, 1 800 SEK is to be paid no later then 14 days after the registration, but not earlier then 2019-01-01. After paying the fee, the team is entiteld to participate in the tournament with as many players as wanted. G17 is an invitanional class.

Player List:
The team has to register all players before the tournament starts. (At this website)

At the latest 2019-06-30. The package, 1 300 SEK, is to be paid no later then 14 days after ist ordered. The package includes accomondation and all meals for one person. It also includes a visit to the waterpark and transportation of luggage between the port and the accomondation. Package can be bought for players, teamleaders and supporters. Same price for everyone.

Extra meal tickets:
Extra meal tickets can be bought outside the package. Lunch 70 SEK, Dinner 70 SEK, Saturday dinner 110 SEK

All payments made to P18 IK, swedish bankgiro 5637-3046 or international bank account.

IBAN: SE96 8000 0000 0717 8281 2458
Mark payments with club and team name.

Last entry date: