1. RULES BP Volkswagen Cup will be played in accordance with applicable sections of SvFF 7-a-side rules*.

2. RULES OF THE GAME The tournament is played in group stage with four teams in each group.

All teams will play a second group stage, depending on the outcome of the first group stage round. Three points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:

1. Goal difference 2. Highest number of goals scored 3. Re-sults of match between teams with equal points 4. Draw between the teams who have same point, goal difference and scores

3. SUBSTITUTES You can use unlimited with substituted. A substitu- ted player can re-enter in the match. Substitution can be done without stopping the game. All substitutions should be done within the technical area of the team. Incorrect substitutions will be punished with a yellow card.

4. IMPORTANT BEFORE GAME Player dress All team shirts must be numbered and the numbers must correspond to the numbers on the team list.

Numbers must be on the backs of the shirts. Two play- ers may not use the same number in any given match.

If the referee decides that one team should change shirts due to similarity to the opposing team’s shirts, the team appearing last in the program must change. Before Game All teams must be ready at the field no later than 10 minutes before kick-off. The team manager must make sure that his players are adequately insured. All players must wear shin guards. The teams are responsible for their supporters conduct.

5. 7-A-SIDE B9-11 and G11-12 plays with 6 players and one goalkeeper. The off-side rules are not applicable. 7-sides matches are played with ball size 4. Teams use own balls to warm-up. All matches are 2 x 20 minutes. Intentional passing to the goalkeeper where the goalkeeper pickes up the ball is awarded an indirect free kick to the opponents in the same place.
Kick-off from the goalkeeper is not allowed when the ball is "dead". The goalkeeper may either throw the ball or lay it still and shoot.

6. Retreat line: In all age classes there is a retreat line. When the ball is "dead" over the card line, the defending team must return to the retreat line so that the goalkeeper can start the game by either throwing the ball or putting it down and shooting. 6.1 The goalkeeper can start the game before the opponents can return to the retreat line. If the ball is in play and the goalkeeper takes it, it is playable for everyone as soon as the goalkeeper has released the ball.